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The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) has completed its random draw for 2020 fall hunts.  

The results are now available for those who have a free AZGFD portal account, or by calling the department at (602) 942-3000, pressing “2” and following the prompts. Be prepared to provide a Social Security or Department ID number, and date of birth. This service is free. 

To open a portal account, visit accounts.azgfd.com/Account/Register and complete the required fields. A portal account allows customers to create a secure account where they can view and manage their contact information, as well as their licenses, draw results history and bonus points in their personal “My AZGFD Dashboard” section. For questions about creating a portal account, call the department at (602) 942-3000 and press “7.”                                                      

By the numbers:

  • 52,681:  The total number of hunt permit-tags issued.
  • 187,732: The total number of those who applied for hunts or bonus points.
  • 142,824: The total number of applications submitted.

All hunt permit-tags are expected to be mailed by July 31.  

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