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The primary complaints many seasoned and casual fishermen alike have with current casting rods often tend to be their bulkiness and weight.

Abu-Garcia realizes this problem, so they created a rod with a lighter and much more flexible tool with the Veritas Series Micro-Guide Casting Rod.

This rod’s flexibility separates it from others of its kind. Whether you are away from the water or on topwater, users need something that gives them the maximum amount of control. With the Micro-Guide Casting Rod, sensitivity is at its maximum level. Now, will have the option to increase their distance and fine-tune their accuracy. To ease the accuracy of this rod, new EVA handles have been constructed for increased comfort and grip, thus it creates a less cumbersome job on the lake.

With increased accuracy options comes one of the prime pros most users are looking for — a lighter rod. Abu-Garcia delivers this with a mere 4.2 ounces, a significantly decreased number, opposed to many other rods on the market. In turn, this will provide maximum flexibility without increased weight problems.

While the rod does have a drop off in weight, its durability remains intact. This new version of the rod features a new technology called the Spiral Carbon Core. This feature increases the break strength by 22% more, while the tip strength expanded to 30%. With this 30 Ton graphite construction, users will no longer be at risk of their rod breaking on them.

The only con to be seen on this rod has been the occasional guide break. While most users have experienced extended use with this rod, some have found after extended use, i.e. six months to a year or more to have broken rod guides. However, this appears to be a rare case.

The Veritas Series micro-guide casting rod does exactly what Abu-Garcia intended its use for – mobility and flexibility. At a minimal weight, novices and experienced users will not find past complaints of a sluggish rod, particularly when combined with the new accuracy features. The new sensitivity system will instead give customers a plethora of tools and options at their disposal no matter where they are fishing.

Although there have been the occasional issues of rods breaking after use, it is not commonplace. Among purchases, approximately only 25% have been unable to have extended use out of it, whereas the other 75% have found it to be their rod of choice for many years, which is a rare thing with a light rod.

The Abu-Garcia Veritas Series Micro-Guide Casting Rod will deliver many fishing aficionados exactly what they have been clamoring for, maximum flexibility. At a smaller size with increased adjustable features and length, this rod will lead to more successful fishing.

If you are an avid fisherman or even a casual user wanting something to increase your accuracy, there is no reason to pass this up. Accuracy, lighter weight and a strengthened core all are features of this rod that will keep you fishing for many years to come.

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