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Took the trusted  20-gauge shotgun and went with a friend on your first cotton-tail rabbit hunt. It was exciting! With the help of your pal you were able to bag a couple nice rabbits.

Now you are looking forward to a delicious meal tonight. Your mouth is watering just thinking of the tender juicy treat that is in store as you have eaten rabbit before but not one you harvested yourself.

The problem is you forgot that you have to clean it before you can cook it!

The tools of the trade.

There are many different  knife sets that can be used for this purpose

As a beginner you may want to try out the Meyerco MASB Starter Butcher Set 

This is a 5pc Starter Butcher Set :

    • 8″ butcher knife
    • 5-1/2″ boning/caping knife
    • 4″ skinning knife 
    •  heavy-duty cleaver
    • Sharpening steel included
    • All pieces feature 420 stainless steel 
    • Blow-molded case is included to keep them all together.



If however you plan to continue to process your own meat you can’t go wrong with this one:  Victorinox 7 PieceSwiss Army Field Dressing Kit

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Great set for the hunter and fisherman in your life
  • Kit includes 10-Inch cimeter
  • 8-Inch breaking \
  • 6-Inch boning
  • 3.25 paring knife
  • \6-Inch fillet, and
  • 10-Inch honing steel
  • Comes with cutlery roll to safely and securely hold and carry
  • High carbon, stainless steel blades are hand finished in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen
  • Special tempering process is used to resharpen over and over again


If price is no object but quality it I would recommend you just go wild and get the biggest and best of the best! Victorinox 24-Piece Gourmet Cutlery Set with Attache Case, Rosewood Handles. 

No matter which knife set you choose keep up the hunt and check back soon for tips on processing wild game as well s wild game recipes.


- Suggested For You -


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