Browning Crossbows Expands Line in 2017

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    Browning Crossbows has added a new crossbow to their line for 2017.

    The new OneSevenOne crossbow is the culmination of years of design and development. The new bow is in the ZeroSeven series, the only crossbow line with the precision and performance to wear the Browning Buckmark name and logo.

    Browning Crossbows has taken the proven design of their OneSixOne and OneSixTwo crossbows introduced in 2016 and incorporated additional innovative new features in to the OneSevenOne. At 390 FPS, the OneSevenOne is the fastest model to date in the Browning Crossbow line.

    Patented features of the OneSevenOne combine to deliver performance not seen in a crossbow before. Leading the way to outstanding performance is the Triggertech ADF (anti-dry fire) trigger. With a crisp pull weight of just 3 lbs., the Frictionless Release Technology™ trigger feels like a good rifle trigger and generates smooth and repeatable shots.

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    Each Zero7 crossbow from Browning features the flight track hook groove along the length of both sides of the bow. This ensures positive, consistent draws of the bow string which also adds to accuracy. The OneSevenOne Crossbow comes with a rope cocking device. An integrated crank cocking device is available as an accessory; it stores in the butt stock of the bow and is easily removed for use when cocking the bow.

    The OneSevenOne has 135 ft. lbs. kinetic energy and a power stroke of 14.625”. The draw weight is 170 lbs. and the total weight of the bow is 7.2 lbs. The overall length of the bow is 36.75”and the width is 19.875”. The bow comes in Realtree Max5 camouflage.

    Key Features:

    • Soft-Touch Foregrip
    • Integrated Flight Track Groove
    • Left, Right, Underside Picatinny Rails
    • Custom Laminated Limbs
    • Forged Aluminum Riser

    Accessories Included:

    • Cross 1.5×32 mm Illuminated Crossbow Scope
    • Browning Soft-Sound String Suppressors
    • Browning Rope Cocking Device
    • Premium Browning Quiver
    • Three 22” Carbon Arrows

    For more information on Browning Crossbows, visit

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