CWD Causes Baiting/Feeding Bans
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The DNR has been working diligently to slow down and control the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. (CWD).

They use numerous procedures to do this:

  • Collecting and Testing CWD Samples.
  • Regulating Baiting and Feeding of Deer in CWD Positive Areas
  • Facilitating Extra Hunts in CWD Positive Zones

Here are some counties that have recently had their Baiting and Feeding Bans updated Effective Feb,1,2019.

The DNR has updated baiting and feeding bans for numerous Wisconsin Counties Effective FEB 1 2019,

Waushara County will have a two-year ban because two harvested wild deer tested positive for CWD.

Wood County will have a two-year ban because deer at two Portage County Captive Deer Farms had CWD positive deer.

It is required by State Law that the Wisconsin DNR must ban feeding and baiting of deer in a county or adjacent county that is in a 10-mile radius of wild deer or captive or free-roaming domestic deer that has positive test results for CWD or Tuberculosis.

This law initiated a ban in Kenosha County due to a wild deer Illinois deer which was harvested 10 miles from the Wisconsin-Illinois Border was found to have CWD.

These same circumstances resulted in a bait and feed ban in Walworth County.

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For a full list of counties that have Feeding and Bait bans go to:

The DNR of course is only a small part of the puzzle, and definitely not the most important piece.

The biggest impact on this disease in my opinion is truly made by the hunters.

Hunting is as much a responsibility as it is a sport. It is up to the hunter to follow proper procedures at all times.

I am not talking about safety although that is of utmost importance. This is about taking the responsibility to stop the spread of CWD.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do Now:

  • DO NOT FEED or BAIT DEER if you live in a CWD Positive Zone
  • Follow All DNR Rules and Regulations if you Run a Deer Farm

Here is What to do Next Hunting Season:

  • DO NOT FEED or BAIT DEER if you live in a CWD Positive Zone or a Zone With a DNR Ban Placed on it
  • Follow All Rules for Transportation of you Harvested Deer
  • Take Your Harvested Deer to a CWD Testing Station
  • If you Don’t Live in a CWD Positive Zone Consider Having Your Deer Tested Anyway
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