Dove Poppers: Peppers pop the doves!


If you are looking for a celebratory meal to mark the opening month of the state’s fall hunting seasons, I’ve got one — just in time Wisconsin’s dove season under way until November 9 statewide.

It’s called Dove Poppers. It’s a great one to use when the dove season opens every year on September 1. Keep in mind the Wisconsin daily bag limit for doves is 15 total.

Here’s what you do:

You will need dove breasts filleted from the breast bone. About four per person should do it.

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Next, gather some chunks of pineapple, some green chili or green bell pepper or jalapeno pepper and some mushrooms. When it comes to the mushrooms, the canned version will work. I am partial to the button kind.

You’ll need some teriyaki sauce — or whatever type of marinate you prefer.

Get some bacon strips and cut those in half.

Now, you’ll need your kabob skewers. You’ll need to wrap your dove breasts with the bacon strips and secure it with toothpicks before you assemble the skewers. Place the peppers, pineapple and mushrooms (veggies and fruit are chunked) between the dove breasts. Put the skewers on a plate and baste them with the Teriyaki sauce.

Place the skewers on your grill – the heat should be about low to medium. Turn the skewers every 5 minutes. Cook until the bacon is done.

And here’s a hunting tip: If you use steel shot, you pick less feathers out of the meat than with lead.

Enjoy the season and the poppers!

Chef Tim reminds readers that consuming raw or uncooked food can be harmful to your health, and increase your chances of acquiring a foodborne illness.


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