How to Stay Safe While Ice Fishing


Fishing with tip ups a way of life in cold climates, staying safe should always be a major concern.

Fishing with tip ups is a way of life in many cold climate areas. Fishing tip ups allow both men and women and children to really enjoy the great outdoors and the great sport of ice fishing. If you live in a cold climate and you enjoy fishing, but have never been ice fishing, you are really missing out on a great time.

Of course, you will enjoy it more if you go with an experienced ice fisherman. Going blindly, out onto the ice isn't a good idea. There are dangers that you need to be aware of beforehand for your own safety. Ice conditions is always a concern for safety.

The new ice fisherman, should always learn the many dangers that ice can yield. One should never venture out onto thin ice for any reason. There isn't a fish alive that is worth gambling your life over.

Fishing with tip ups allows the ice fisherman to have that many more chances at catching their daily bag limit, if your state or region allows tip up fishing.

You always need to be aware of the fishing regulations for the place that you choose to fish, as often times each body of water may have its own set of laws.

Tip up fishing allows you to catch fish that you may never have a chance at during open water fishing. Big fish search the shoreline structures in shallow water looking for bait fish to eat. These big fish often times, seem to have learned to steal your bait, without getting caught.

Shorelines can often times be unsafe. Rocks just under the ice may create an unstable area of ​​thin ice. Ice often times will shift and create an open reef. These reefs may not affect you, unless you happen to be fishing on the wrong side.

A reef may appear at anytime, so if you don't see any when you venture out onto the ice, does not mean that there won't be one appear, before you head back to shore.

Ice Fishing … Is a Great Way To Speed ​​Through The Winter Months, But Stay Safe!

Source by Alan Jackson


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