Hunters Urged to Weigh in on the Proposed 2020 Idaho Fall Sage Grouse Hunting Season - Outdoors Newspaper
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Hunters can see the season proposals and comment online for the 2020 sage grouse hunting season. Statewide sage grouse populations are up slightly from last year, but down from the 2016 peak. Most proposed seasons will allow for 7-day, or 2-day, hunting seasons depending on the area. Deadline to comment is Aug. 10. 

The sage grouse hunting season would be open from Sept. 19-20 for the 2-day season and Sept. 19-25 for the 7-day season.

Idaho Fish and Game and partners monitor sage-grouse breeding populations by counting males at leks each spring. A lek is a traditional display area, which is typically located in an open area in or adjacent to sagebrush-dominated habitats. Statewide, lek counts indicate a 2.5 percent increase in males at leks in spring 2020, compared to 2019, but trends were variable. Sage-grouse numbers are down 53 percent from the peak counts in 2016, with stronger declines north of the Snake River.

greater sage grouse Tom Reichner
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Tom Reichner
Populations are up slightly from last year, but down from 2016 peak

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