Missing Oregon Woman Found: Probable Cause of Death: Cougar ATTACK


Diana Bober had been missing since August 29. The search for her ended in tragedy when her body was found on Sept. 10 near the Hunchback Trail on Mt. Hood. Searcher had found her car and  backpack at the Zigzag Ranger Station.

Her injuries indicate that the cause of death was most likely caused by a wild cougar. Once this has been confirmed it will be the first death in Oregon to be caused by a wild cougar.

The U.S. Forest Service has closed more  than 29,000 acres of land and 14 different trails as they search for the cougar that was responsible for Diana’s death.

Cougars have a large range with Males territores being any were from 50 to 1oo squaure miles and females 15 to 50 square miles so this will make tracking down the killer much more difficult.

The terrain in this area is also especially treacherous making the search even more difficult.

The Plan is to shoot any cougars they find in the area where Diana was found. DNA samples will then be taken and compared to saliva samples recovered from Diana.


This video can answer many questions you may have, it is a press conference which took place on Sept 12. ODFW staff are working with other agencies involved in effort incl. Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police-Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Forest Service.



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