Online Survey Asks Alaskans For Input On State Land For Sale


With Alaskans’ strong attachment to the land – and strong opinions about the kind of land they would like to own – the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is conducting an online survey to better understand what kind of state land Alaskans want to buy.

“Some people may want a remote cabin site on a lake, others may want a road accessible parcel to build a house, and others may want to start a farm,” said Justin Wholey, the Land Conveyance Section’s sales team lead.

“This survey should help us understand what Alaskans want when it comes to purchasing state land, so we can help meet those needs through our sale programs.”

The survey, conducted by DNR’s Land Conveyance Section, is available online starting today and continuing through April 30, at:

Section staff will compile the results, and use them to refine and guide future land sale programs.

DNR administers several programs that achieve Governor Mike Dunleavy’s goal of “putting Alaska land into Alaskan hands.”

  • Land Auctions – The Land Conveyance Section conducts regular auctions of residential parcels in locations across the state. These sales are open only to Alaska residents.
  • Over-the-Counter – Parcels remaining unsold after land auctions may be made available for sale to Alaskans and non-residents alike on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Remote Recreational Cabin Sites – Alaska residents may stake parcels of land in designated remote areas suitable for recreational activity, lease it for three years while it is surveyed and appraised, and purchase it at the appraised value minus survey costs already paid.
  • Agricultural Land Offerings – From time to time, DNR offers state land with agricultural covenants that ensure the land is used to support agriculture. This program is open to Alaskans and non-residents alike.
  • DNR offers competitive in-house financing via state land sales contracts and offers qualifying Alaska veterans a once-in-a-lifetime 25 percent discount on state land sold through its auction and over-the-counter programs.

To sign up to receive regular email notifications of land sales activities, go to:

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For details on financing and associated costs, remote recreational cabin site news and updates, follow the

Land Sales Section via:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @alaskaland4sale
  • Instagram: @alaska_land4sale

For direct assistance, email or call 907-269-8594 (For TTY dial 711 for Alaska Relay, or 800-770-8973), weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

CONTACT: Justin Wholey, 907-269-8594,


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