Pro Guide to Picking The Right Spinning Reel

If you are involved in fishing, you probably know what the spinning fishing reel is. You can be a winner whenever it comes to beat the large fish if you have the right rod and reel. To be honest, the power and action vary with the reel and that’s why you shouldn’t allow an ordinary spinning reel to beat the large bass and trout. So, we have written this post to write a detailed how you should pick up a spinning reel. You would have the goal of catching small panfish to large saltwater species. That’s why the manufacturer creates the reels differently and the size and action will define everything.

Although out of considering the size and power, you should be aware of the material and the quality of the drag washer. So, we have tried to reveal a detailed about buying a spinning reel that will help you to pick up a perfect spinning reel in the future.


The material ensures how strong a spinning reel is, although, the weight is a massive factor and in some cases, it depends on yourself according to whether you like a lighter or heavier reel. Because the materials like aluminum and graphite are different in weight and in spinning reels both can be used combinedly. The ultimate goal of the manufacturer is saving the reel from saltwater and putting less fatigue and pressure on your hands. Although the sturdiness is almost similar and the aluminum is slightly sturdier than graphite. But, the graphite could be slightly lighter than aluminum.

Another positive of the graphite, it can prevent the saltwater more ergonomically than aluminum. So, you could expect more lifetime from graphite reel and if you like fishing from coastal areas, the graphite reel might be a great choice.

Pick The Right Size

To be honest, some of us actually don’t know how the manufacturer defines the reel size. The reel size also determines the line size you should use. If you use a small reel, the line size should be followed with the size of the reel. The manufacturer would define the reel size with the number like 10/100 and 1000. Most of the time 10/100 and 1000 would be used for a small size reel and if you intend to pick a higher size, you may choose 60/600 or 6000.

Actually, if you want to catch small-sized fish like panfish, you may go for a small-sized reel that supports the small diameter of the line. But if you like to fish on the coastal areas or saltwater species, you would probably want to fight with the big fish. In this case, the line size and the size of the reel both are important. So, sometimes you should pick it to consider the fish you want to catch.

Know The Gear Ratio

The gear ratio will determine how fast the line can be packed up into the reel. The higher gear ratio ensures the line will be packed up into the reel in a little time. You would see the manufacturer highlight this like 4.5:1 or 5.5:1. That means if you turn the handle for a single time, the spool will rotate 5 times or 4.5 times for every single turn of the handle. So, if you fish offshore, you need a faster liner retrievement and reasonably you would require a higher gear ratio. But, you can go for medium or low gear ratio based spinning reels, if you fish in a lake or creek.

Strong and Smooth Drag Washers

The drag washer is enormously important into a spinning reel. Because a hooked fish will put a lot of pressure over the reel and it goes directly into the drag washers. On the other hand, it should be smooth to reduce the noise and that’s why the oil-filled drag washers are great for noise reduction. To achieve a better strength some experts recommend carbon fiber drag washers as the rust can’t impact it while it could hold a lot of pressure.



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