Public Land Hunting 101 – Wild Wisconsin 2018 Bonus Segment


Wisconsin has 7 million acres of public land that hunters can utilize for a variety of species and seasons.

Even that number sounds intimidating, so where does the hunter start in finding this public hunting land? The Wisconsin DNR has put together this video to help even the novice get started.

The video is Hosted by Bill Hogseth and Jeff Pritzl of the DNR. They are joined by Aaron Warbritton of (The Hunting Public). Together these seasoned hunters’ share their public land hunting tips on learning how deer move on public land, finding a good public hunting land access, and of course, recognizing great deer sign on public hunting land.

So, sit back, watch the hunting video, then grab your trail camera, hunting gear, and start deer scouting for your next Dream Buck on public hunting land in your state.


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