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There’s a lot of Fishing History that lives behind Hula Popper topwater lure with its pulsating skirt.

How many of you remember fishing with or still fishing with a “Hula Popper?”

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A Fishing Legacy

A lot of history lives behind the Hula Popper topwater lure with its pulsating skirt. Many young bass fishermen were introduced to the fishing lure when they were young and thus introduced a new crop of fishermen. The Hula Popper is simply a deadly topwater fishing lure for any big game freshwater fish species. It’s so deadly on bass, pike, and even muskie when popped over submerged timber, weeds, lily pads, or grass beds.

Why is the Hula Popper Fishing Lure so deadly?

Because of the design of the Hula Popper fishing lure! When it’s fished it breaks the topwater surface and makes plenty of noise that wakes up any fish within hearing distance. As the fisherman reels in the Hula Popper fishing lure; the fishing lure mimics the prey species of large freshwater fish and thus brings their attention to that area and causes them to react in a predatory feeding manner thus striking the fishing lure.

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