Trout Fishing/Black Earth Creek/ Photo: DNR
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Trout anglers and others interested in Black Earth Creek are invited to attend a public meeting Sept. 11.

Trout anglers will be able to hear about and provide input on possible regulation changes for the river from South Valley Road downstream to Highway 14.

The Meeting:

  • Date: Sept. 11
  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Location: Department of Natural Resources Fitchburg Service Center,
    3911 Fish Hatchery Road,
    Fitchburg, Wis. 53711.
Black Earth Creek is a popular Class 1 trout stream and trout anglers and others can provide input on possible regulation changes at a public meeting Sept. 11 at the DNR Fitchburg office.

Currently, the regulation allows for the harvest of three trout under 12 inches. Oele says DNR is exploring options to increase size structure and abundance for anglers.

“We’ve documented declines in trout larger than 8 inches and the current regulation has not improved the size structure of the fishery,” says Dan Oele, DNR fisheries biologist for Dane County. “We’re interested in exploring options that will help anglers see more and larger fish.”

Black Earth Creek is a class 1 trout stream that currently has high populations of young brown trout – more than 500 fish per mile in the upstream reaches. Historically, this lower stretch also has had a high number of adult fish over 8 inches and over 12 inches.

Over the last five years, however, annual monitoring has shown the lower portion of the creek has not returned to historical levels after the drought of 2012 and severe winters of 2013 and 2014, like other area streams.

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