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Wisconsin’s 2020 Elk Hunting Season Ends on High Note

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced that the five Wisconsin elk hunters filled their tags during Wisconsin’s third managed elk season. The 2020 season marked...
CWD Causes Baiting/Feeding Bans

DNR Updates Feed and Bait Ban in Several WI Counties

The DNR has been working diligently to slow down and control the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. (CWD). They use numerous procedures to do this: Collecting and Testing...

December and January Hold Additional Opportunities for Deer Hunters

The nine-day gun deer hunt may be over, but hunters can still participate in the muzzleloader season, archery and crossbow seasons and two antlerless-only gun hunts. The muzzleloader...

Minnesota DNR Takes Additional Steps to Limit Spread of CWD

The DNR is intensifying its chronic wasting disease response efforts, based on CWD test results from the early 2018 hunting season. Final CWD test results and preliminary findings...

WI 9 day Gun Deer Harvest up| Some Antler-less Deer Hunting Through Jan.

Another Wisconsin nine-day gun deer season has come and gone, and preliminary registration numbers show an increase in statewide harvest. Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer season continues to show...

CWD Testing Is Now Mandatory In Some Areas Of Minnesota

CWD Testing is Mandatory in Central,North Central and Southeast Areas of Minnesota, watch this video to learn how to get deer tested for chronic wasting disease.   “Getting a deer...