Best Places to See Bald Eagles in Utah This Winter - Outdoor Newspaper

Best Places to See Bald Eagles in Utah This Winter

February is the best time of the year to see one of America's most iconic birds. Bald eagles fly to Utah in the winter to find food...
Safety Tips When Living in Proximity to Mountain Lions - Outdoor Newspaper

Safety Tips When Living in Proximity to Mountain Lions

Incidents of human-wildlife conflict with mountain lions have diminished in the Wood River Valley but sporadic reports of lions in residential areas continue to come into the...
Outsmarting Squirrels at The Birdfeeder, The Natural Way - Outdoor Newspaper

Outsmarting Squirrels at The Birdfeeder, The Natural Way

Covid-19 caused us all to spend much more time at home, reconnecting with a welcomed resurgence of simple pleasures and fundamental pursuits, which were nearly lost in...
First Day Hikes offer a way to begin the New Year rejuvenated and connected with nature. First Day hikers at Mirror Lake State Park. Photo credit: DNR

Start the New Year out Right! Start With a First Day Hike

The First Day Hikes campaign, which is hosted by The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' State Park System will be celebrating its 9th anniversary this year on...
Spines help catfish live another day

Spines Help Catfish Live Another Day

Fisheries biologists say the best way to determine a fish’s age is by the study of the otolith. The otolith is a calcium carbonate structure in the inner...

Sandhill Crane Hunting Tags Still Available to Hunters Till Aug 1

Hunters are reminded that Sandhill crane tags will be available first-come, first-served starting at 10 a.m. MDT, August 1 at Fish and Game offices, license vendors, online...
Backyard Birding - Humming bird Ready for a Flower | Outdoor Newspaper

Backyard Birding: The Beauty and Charm of Hummingbirds

Well, actually, it's both…the charm of hummingbirds is most certainly apropos and "a charm" of hummingbirds is actually factual! Yep, that's right, the collective noun for these unique...
Arizona Orphaned Deer Fawn | Outdoor Newspaper

AZ Game and Fish Finds Home for Weeks-old Orphaned Deer Fawn

Calls for ‘rescued’ animals mount as public is reminded to leave baby wildlife alone The Arizona Game and Fish Department placed an orphaned three-week old deer fawn with...
Trail Cameras May Help the Endangered American Marten

Can Trail Cameras Help Save Wisconsin’s Only Endangered Mammal

Wisconsin conservation biologists hope a network of trail cameras can play a role in helping to restore populations of the American marten. The American Marten is an elusive...
Join DMAP Help Deer Habitat

Improve Habitat for Wildlife and Enroll in DMAP by March 1, 2019

Landowners, hunters and land managers looking to improve habitat for deer and other wildlife are encouraged to enroll in Wisconsin's Deer Management Assistance Program. DMAP provides informational resources...

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