Safety Tips When Living in Proximity to Mountain Lions - Outdoor Newspaper

Safety Tips When Living in Proximity to Mountain Lions

Incidents of human-wildlife conflict with mountain lions have diminished in the Wood River Valley but sporadic reports of lions in residential areas continue to come into the...
Spines help catfish live another day

Spines Help Catfish Live Another Day

Fisheries biologists say the best way to determine a fish’s age is by the study of the otolith. The otolith is a calcium carbonate structure in the inner...
Arizona Orphaned Deer Fawn | Outdoor Newspaper

AZ Game and Fish Finds Home for Weeks-old Orphaned Deer Fawn

Calls for ‘rescued’ animals mount as public is reminded to leave baby wildlife alone The Arizona Game and Fish Department placed an orphaned three-week old deer fawn with...
Trail Cameras May Help the Endangered American Marten

Can Trail Cameras Help Save Wisconsin’s Only Endangered Mammal

Wisconsin conservation biologists hope a network of trail cameras can play a role in helping to restore populations of the American marten. The American Marten is an elusive...
Join DMAP Help Deer Habitat

Improve Habitat for Wildlife and Enroll in DMAP by March 1, 2019

Landowners, hunters and land managers looking to improve habitat for deer and other wildlife are encouraged to enroll in Wisconsin's Deer Management Assistance Program. DMAP provides informational resources...
Grizzly Captured Near Bitterroot River

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Trapped More Than They Bargained For

Grizzly Bear Captured Near Stevensville, Montana Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) captured a young male grizzly bear on Saturday, October 27 on the Whitetail golf course, north...

The Search is Over! It is Highly Probably They Got the Right Cougar

ODFW is ending cougar capture operations in Zigzag because all available evidence shows the cougar killed last Friday, Sept. 14 is the one responsible for the state’s...

Safe Turtle/Wildlife Crossing to Cut down on Accidents

Now is the time to report turtle crossings and moralities on Wisconsin roads   Concerned citizens, two state agencies, a county and a team of "turtle wranglers" are joining...

Oakland Zoo Saves Sow, Four Cubs From Euthenasia

A female black bear and her three cubs were transferred to Oakland Zoo from the care of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Wildlife Investigations...

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