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Flood Damage may Delay Opening of Columbia County Shooting Range

  The planned June opening of the nearly complete Columbia County Public Target Range is now likely to be delayed due to flood damage at the site. Recent heavy...
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Browning Introduces the Exquisite B15 Beauchamp ShotGun

Browning Introduces the Exquisite B15 Beauchamp — The Next Great Browning Over and Under Shotgun   In 1925 John M. Browning designed, and Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal in Belgium built, the...
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Browning Sweet Sixteen: Shotgun of the Year

Sporting Classics Magazine chose Browning’s new A5 Sweet 16 shotgun as their Awards of Excellence Shotgun of the Year for 2017 for its light weight, smooth handling...
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Browning Adds to the X-Bolt Rifle Line in 2017

Browning Adds To The X-Bolt Rifle Line In 2017   Browning is expanding the bolt-action X-Bolt rifle line in 2017 with two new models and the addition of caliber...

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