Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Jigs Lures Kit Walleye Perch Panfish Crappie Bluegill Ice Fishing Gear Tackle Box 75 pcs. Include 26 Page How to Ice Fish Book


Price: $36.99
(as of Dec 23,2019 12:10:00 UTC – Details)

5/16 Oz Jigging Lure Minnow Firetiger, 1/8 Oz Rattle Rip Minnow Silver, 1/8 Oz Curved Flutter Spoon Silver, 1/4 Oz Perch Jigging Spoon Dropper Chain, 1/8 Oz Demon Ice Jig Parakeet Glow x2, 1/16 Oz Marabou Jig Black x2, 1/12 Oz Tungsten Jig Gold x2, 1/16 Oz Diamond Ice Jig Head Orange Tiger x3, 1/32 Oz Diamond Ice Jig Head Perch Tiger x3, 1/2″ Spike Larvae Soft Plastic Grub Red x10, 1.5″ Wax Tail Soft Plastic Grub Chartreuse x10, 1/0 Octopus Hook Red x5, #6 Octopus Hook Red x10, #4 Treble Hook Red x2, #4 Round Bottom Splits x3, #7 Round Bottom Splits x6, #2 Duolock Snaps Gunsmoke x5, 1/2 Oz Depth Finder Orange, 3/4″ Slip Bobber Float, Slip Ties & Beads x6. Packaged in 7″ x 4″ tackle box with 11 compartments. Includes 26 page Ice Fishing Book with chapters on how to fish every lure, jig, rig and piece of tackle in the ice fishing kit. Chapters include 1. Quick Steps on How to Ice Fish 2. Ice Fishing Lure Quick Sheet 3. Ice Fishing Clothing 4. Ice Fishing Gear 5. Ice Fishing Rod & Reel 6. Ice Fishing Line 7. Ice Fishing Electronics 8. Ice Fishing Bait 9. Finding Fish Below the Ice 10. Ice Fishing Tactics & Jigging 11. Panfish 12. Walleye 13. Perch 14. Northern Pike 15. Trout 16. Lake Trout 17. How to Clean & Fillet a Fish.ICE JIGS x12 – Ice Jig Heads in 1/32 – 1/16 – 1/12 – 1/8 Oz hand painted with ice bright colors of Perch Tiger – Chartreuse Glow – Orange Tiger – Gold – Black and More
ICE FISHING LURES x4 – Jigging Lure – Ripping Rattle Minnow – Curved Flutter Spoon – Perch Jigging Spoon with Dropper Chain – to catch Walleye, Trout and Perch
ICE FISHING SOFT PLASTICS x20 – Soft Bait Lures in Micro Panfish Sizes – 1/2″ Spike Larvae Blood Red & 1.5″ Wax Tail Chartreuse scented with anise and proven to catch panfish like Bluegill, Crappie, Perch and More
TERMINAL TACKLE FOR ICE FISHING x39 – 15 Red Octopus Hooks – 2 Red Treble Hooks – 9 Splits – 5 Duolock Snaps – Slip Bobber Float Rig + 6 Ties – 1/2 Oz Depth Finder – Basic Ice Fishing Gear
26 PAGE ICE FISHING BOOK – Written & designed by ice fishing experts giving you step by step instruction on how to catch Walleye – Trout – Perch – Crappie – Bluegill – Panfish – Northern Pike through the Ice


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