This Spring, It's all About That Bass Fishing -- and Your Basic Gear

The days of using a stick, some string, and a worm are as much a part of American culture as apple pie and baseball.

Unlike that time, there are now many choices for anglers this spring, depending on where you’ll be fishing.

In fact, selecting your gear is half the fun. But for starters, set aside the fishing rods, fishing reels, rigs, jigs, and a fishing tackle box, it’s also just as important to remember these items that are often overlooked:

1Use Sunscreen

Wearing Sunscreen When Fishing is Good Protection Against Skin Cancer

You only have to suffer from sun poisoning one time to understand the relationship between sun and water. While the water may be cold and temperatures out-side chilly, sun reflecting off the water will still give you a burn. A sweat-proof sunscreen that won’t run and sting the eyes is ideal, as is one that won’t leave a greasy residue that could adversely affect your grip.



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