The days of using a stick, some string, and a worm are as much a part of American culture as apple pie and baseball.

Unlike that time, there are now many choices for anglers this spring, depending on where you’ll be fishing.

In fact, selecting your gear is half the fun. But for starters, set aside the fishing rods, fishing reels, rigs, jigs, and a fishing tackle box, it’s also just as important to remember these items that are often overlooked:

2Wear a Base Layer

Wear a thinT-shirt outdoors to help wick away moisture and sweat

A thin Outdoors T-shirt is a must as a base layer, better if it is made of fabric that wicks away moisture. There are even some that are made to be water repellent and stain resistant with anti-odor properties for those in warmer climes. Since this is the layer that is in direct contact with your skin, you want something that will allow moisture to escape as you sweat.


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