Top Reasons Why We Need an Electric SUP Pump

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These days, more people are adding stand-up paddleboarding to their list of hobbies.

As people become more engaged in the activity, so has been the demand for its equipment like the SUP pump. As we all know, the board is inflatable and will need to be supported by a reliable pump.

An air pump is known to be manually attached and manipulated to feed air to the inflatable paddleboard. That is also the case for the pump used for a stand-up paddleboard. Manually pumping your paddleboard is the traditional way. It can be quite straining when you are working on multiple paddleboards in a short amount of time. However, there are several electric pumps readily available in the market to help you. SUP pumps that do not require the same amount of effort and get the job done in a short amount of time.

Electric air pumps vary in size, capacity, power, as well as efficiency. Some pumps can be more powerful, while some can be bigger or compact, some can be efficient and finish inflation much quicker. Finding a balanced electric air pump that meets your needs can be quite a challenge.

The 12V High-Pressure Air Pump can handle all the work for you. The Shark is the perfect electric air pump with high-pressure power and efficiency that can work on an average inflatable paddleboard in a matter of minutes. It is convenient as you can sit and relax while waiting for it to finish pumping, and it is simple to operate. Thus, you can have more time for yourself or your family and friends.

The Shark II can connect to a 12-volt DC connector in your vehicle, and once you secure the hose and set the pressure, it is practically hands-free. The Shark II includes a four-and-a-half foot hose, several valve connectors, the H3 valve, C7 valve, Boston valve, and pinch valve. It also comes with three gaskets to adjust the fit to the inflatable paddleboard you are using. The variety of valves and connectors it offers make it suitable for most inflatable boats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

The Shark II is suitable for multiple inflatable paddleboards, kayaks, and boats. It is also powerful and can work with higher pressure inflatable paddleboards than most electric air pumps available in the market. It can inflate up to 20 PSI, while most electric air pumps in the market can work for up to 12 to 16 PSI only. It can inflate an average paddleboard in less than 7 minutes and will automatically turn itself off afterward. Moreover, it has a built-in integrated cooling system that effectively cools it down as it works. Thus, it can inflate multiple boards in a few minutes, giving you more time for yourself without overheating.

The Shark II is convenient and uncomplicated to use. It is automatic, which already makes the work easier for you. It also has a digital display feature that shows the progress as your paddleboard inflates. It is also two-stage, which is vital to protect your inflatable paddleboard. Moreover, it has a deflate feature that significantly cuts the waiting period for deflation much shorter. It also has a sand filter feature that makes it suitable even for sandy areas.

The Shark II has a compact and efficient design that lets it fit into most stand-up paddleboard backpacks. It makes it easier to find a bag to put it in as the package does not include one for itself. Moreover, it is small and easy to carry anywhere. It does not take up too much storage space as well.

Finding the perfect electric air pump for your inflatable stand-up paddleboard can be an extremely taxing job. Because of hundreds of air pumps available in the market, it can seem almost impossible. The 12V High-Pressure Air Pump Shark II is the most versatile stand-up paddleboard pump. It is among the most powerful pumps available in the market. It has features that are exceptionally useful on multiple occasions and places. It can work unmanned with its integrated cooling system and automatic power-off feature afterward. Moreover, it has features exclusive to Shark II, like the filters and the deflate option. Lastly, its compact and practical design makes it convenient for carrying and storage.



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