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By: Chef Tim

Turkey: The Hunt is over, time to grill and glaze! A dining delight from Chef Tim: a warden with a thing for the culinary

The turkey hunt may be over, but Chef Tim says it’s never too late to enjoy the dining delicacies of your successful pursuit.

Here is his dynamite recipe for turkey breasts that can be prepared on the grill. This one comes courtesy of his turkey hunting buddy who calls it:

Just for the record, let’s say your turkey hunt wasn’t as successful as you would have liked,” Chef Tim says. “Turkey breasts purchased from your favorite store will work fine, too.”

Orange Glazed Turkey Breasts

  • Start your grill. Either a  Gas grill or Charcoal grill will work. Aim to maintain a medium indirect heat.
  • Place a pan of water in the grill to help keep the heat moist. I often do this for most of my grilling recipes.
  • Once your heat is ready and your pan in place, place your turkey breasts on your grill.
  • It is up to you about the seasonings – plain or otherwise works.
  • Time to make the glaze as the meat is grilling.

For the Glaze You’’ll Need

  • orange juice
  • honey
  • soy sauce.

There is nothing fancy about this, but the trick is to avoid using too much orange juice. You want your glaze to rest on the breasts when you baste them — not just run off.

Once the breasts are nearly done simply coat each with the glaze and finish cooking.
When done, remove the breasts and place on a plate or platter and pour any remaining glaze over them.

What to Serve With the Glazed Breasts?

If you are among the lucky ones to have morel mushrooms around, these are great additions – along with fresh wild asparagus and wild rice.

This is a wonderful, easy summer dish that gives you the opportunity to talk about your hunt, entertain your friends and family and feed them a nutritious and delicious meal.

Happy eating!


Chef Tim reminds readers that consuming raw or uncooked food can be harmful to your health, and increase your chances of acquiring a foodborne illness.




- Suggested For You -


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