Blue Mountain Meadow Pond stocked with Jack Chinook Salmon - Outdoor Newspaper
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Personnel from Idaho Fish and Game’s Sawtooth Hatchery released approximately 75 jack Chinook Salmon in Blue Mountain Meadow Pond in Challis Friday, July 24.

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Rikers Weirs – IDFG

“This will make for some great fishing, as jacks are very feisty and make excellent table fare,” said Greg Schoby, Fish and Game Fisheries Manager.

Jack Chinook are less than 24 inches in length, and are considered in the trout bag limit when stocked in ponds. The trout daily bag limit is six (6), all species combined.

Easy to access by short walking path, the 0.7 acre pond overlooks the golf course in Challis. Anglers can enjoy fishing from the bank and having a picnic in one of the two gazebos.

For more information on local fishing holes geared toward families and the likelihood of catching fish, visit”

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